Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This blog is for the tenants of 114 East 1st Street

Please begin to post all your problems here. You can remain anonymous.

Below is a list of some of my issues. I need to mention here that it is a fourth management company since I moved to this building and the level of neglect has reached a new phase. I called the management office numerous times to no result. I left many detailed messages (indicating the problems) with the receptionist. When I try to talk to the person in charge, the man who introduces himself as Skip Moses picks up the phone and begins to yell at me, thus preventing me from telling him what I am calling about. I gather that it is a proven intimidation and deterrence technique. Recently, I talked to many of the tenants and they are all alarmed about the general condition of the building. Some of them already moved out. The new renters are unaware that once they sign the lease they won't be able to get any non-emergency repairs.

1. The entire electric wiring (all the sockets and outlets) of my apartment is all on an one 20 amp fuse (the fuse box has six fuse sockets).  I cannot use air conditioner and electric kettle at once because it blows the fuse.  I suspect that this is a fire hazard.

2. For over two years I've been trying to get my sink faucet repaired. It leaks hot water which is a massive energy and water waste.

3. Most of my windows have broken springs which make opening and closing them very difficult.

4. The hallway of the building is just filthy beyond words. The walls haven't been painted in years. Some of the hallway walls are rotting from ongoing leaks.

5. The garbage area is on the basement entrance stairway, which leads to the boilers, water valves and main fuses, (again a potential fire hazard) and often overflows with debris not to mention the constant rat infestation.
6. The front door to the building is rarely functional (the door jams on the deformed floor surface or the lock is falling apart).

7. After a massive leak from the upstairs apartment and a partial ceiling collapse a couple of years ago, a repair that was performed (only after several weeks of requsting it and the city inspection on record) left me with with an uneven bulging wall and ceiling. I finished the repairs myself fearing the hostility and a mess that was made during the partial, inadequate repair. Soon the leak returned and mushrooms sprouted on my ceiling. This time the ceiling didn't fall down and repaired it myself.
8. We scarcely had any heat this spring. The city's building department has a record of this.

9. Water pressure is inadequate. Taking a shower is a constant struggle with hot or cold water.  I am only on the third floor.  I know that the higher floors have much greater issues with this.

10. For a several of months now we have no superintendent in the building.  This is illegal for 30 units building!


  1. Thsi is great!!! Thank you for doing this. I have consulted two lawyers who are ery expirienced in housing issues. They suggest we set up a non profit corporation to deal with the building issues. I will look into doing this in 2-4 weeks after I clear my schedule. There are some SERIOUS issues with the building. The HPD and Dept of buildings need to be called in once we get a sense of the totality of the problems and which tenants need help and are willing to cooperate in resolving the problems. The links you posted are perfect. Again Great job and thank you!

  2. What is up in the old super's apartment? he was supposed to be out on April 15th - now his entire clan is living there!

  3. The real problem is that we do not have a superintendent in the building for over three months!!!

  4. Where to begin?
    #1: In addition to the usual filthiness of the building (its swept once a month, and then they seem to pour cough syrup on the floors), the recent work on apartments on the 4th and 6th floors has made this significantly worse. It is against buidling code to not clean up every single day -- we are breathing in all sorts of dangerous particles from the materials they have been using and then sanding into the air.
    #2: The rotting fire-escapes are certainly against firecode.
    #3: This winter heat was limited -- the hot water infrequent.
    #4: The water pressure is terrible and in winter months there is often a day of the week when there is simply no hot water, as well as the times when there is no cold water.

    Galron has made the situation much worse -- I have never ever seen anyone from the company, including the so-called "Skip" Moses in the building. You would think once in the past 18 months or 2 years they would make an effort. Instead its charge more for rent, and provide less service and quality of life.

  5. Thank you for setting this up. This building has become worse and worse with Galron being by far the most negligent managing agent/owner. The filth and clutter in the back trash recyclying area has been a problem for a long time. The new super is on vacation, is that right? So we have no one at this time. I have friends in another Galron building on east 7th and they have similar issues but our situation seems worse.

    Simple clear signs above the trash cans for recyclables, paper and non-paper, and trash would really help, tho I suspect some tenants would continue to toss their trash in the wrong containers.
    The rats get worse in the winter and they are big, hungry and plentiful.
    I think the idea of an outside city agency coming onto the premise is a good one. As more people join up with this blog, the solidarity will help. Thank you all for contributing. Keep it happening.

  6. I just joined the blog.
    I have a few questions:

    1)How do we know how many tenants are part of this blog?

    2)How many tenants have real issues and reason to complain about their apt situation?

    Shouldwe give ourselvesa time table for action?

  7. If I had 3 wishes I would use all of them to have the violations fixed.