Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The company is called both Vanderleigh and Chondro Realty in our bldg, 208 E 7th

Monday, December 7, 2009

413 E 70th Street

Vanderleigh properties also owns 413 E 70th street, and goes by both Vanderleigh properties and Borg Realty.

When we moved in on the first of November, after they said all repairs and cleaning would be completed by the time we moved in, the apartment was filthy and many elements of the apartment needed repair. Now, almost the middle of December, 10 phone calls to the "help" line/landlord number, multiple calls to the city/311 and our local precinct, and nothing has been done. Our heat is not on in most of the apartment because the radiators are broken. The apartment was filled with pubic hair and dead insects (and live ones) and a window is still severely cracked, among other issues.

We need to stand up for our rights as tenants. This is the most ridiculous abuse I have ever seen, heard of or experienced and I will not stand for it. None of us deserve to be treated this way, let alone PAY for this treatment.

I have a background in journalism and pr and am offering up my services to start a public campaign against them. I am looking into it tonight. As far as defamation goes, in the legal sense, truth IS a defense. So, when posting publicly, rather than simply spewing insults (even though they deserve it), try to state the awful truth. For instance, rather than "Bob is a filthy lying #$@^&$" say "I saw Bob steal a car, that is clearly against the law."

let's fight back. i'm in, I'll attend your meetings if possible. I'm so sick of this bullshit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review Vanderleigh Properties

You can review Vanderleigh Properties here

or here

They have also been listed in Ripoff Report. Reports #512995 and #393711 and on (search Vanderleigh Properties - Praxis Realty)

Make your experiences with Vanderleigh Properties and Henry Moses publicly available to people who may not be aware.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vanderleigh Properties llc information

This is a list of Vanderleigh Properties from their website (which mysteriously disappeared after this posting!);

114 East 1st Street
1229 First Ave
1235 First Ave
139 East 13th Street
159 Christopher Street
20 Commerce Street
208 East 7th Street
215 East 4th Street
222 Thompson Street
235 East 4th Street
314 East 78th Street
318 East 78th Street
326 East 78th Street
338 East 65th Street
413 East 70th Street
433 East 80th Street
503 East 73rd Street
507 East 73rd Street
509 East 73rd Street
511 East 73rd Street
507 East 81st Street
509 East 81st Street
512 East 80th Street

Below is the list (sent to us by their tenant on 73rd Street) of the various company names they use for different properties;

114 East 1st Street - GALRON REALTY, LLC
1229 First Ave - FIZZBIN LLC
1235 First Ave -FIZZBIN LLC
139 East 13th Street - ORION 13 REALTY LLC
159 Christopher Street - FRAK REALTY LLC
20 Commerce Street - MERAUKE REALTY LLC
208 East 7th Street - CHONDRO REALTY LLC
215 East 4th Street - CACTUS 4 LLC
222 Thompson Street - FESTIVUS REALTY LLC AND DS9 LL9
235 East 4th Street - REAPER REALTY LLC
314 East 78th Street - 7 OF 8 REALTY CO LLC
318 East 78th Street - 7 OF 8 RELATY CO LLC
326 East 78th Street - 7 OF 8 RELATY CO LLC
338 East 65th Street - JAYDEN 65 CO LLC
413 East 70th Street - BORG LLC
433 East 80th Street - LOQUTIS 80 CO LLC
503 East 73rd Street - TYREE 73 REALTY LLC
507 East 73rd Street - PRAXIS REALTY CO LLC
509 East 73rd Street - PRAXIS REALTY CO LLC
511 East 73rd Street - PRAXIS REALTY CO LLC
507 East 81st Street - VULCAN 81 CO LLC
509 East 81st Street - VULCAN 81 CO LLC
512 East 80th Street - KIROCK 80 CO. LLC

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vanderleigh lies! Rats rule!

This is what the official plaque on the wall reads;
This is obviously a lie since no superintendent lives in Punjabi deli or in "114 store". The truth is that we haven't had a super in the building for many months. Just try calling the supposed super and ask him where does he live. Not only the person under this number will tell you that he is not the super but he will not tell you where does he live and he will hang up on you if you ask him why his name is on the plaque and what is his address.

And here are the results;

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mystery of Galron Realty LLC

Our rent bills which are never sent by mail but are mysteriously slipped under our doors have a new address for Galron Realty. It is in Boston, MA.

Their mailing address is;

Galron Realty LLC
PO BOX 415666
BOSTON, MA 02241-5666

Update: It's been over a year since we had a superintendent in the building. I talked to the super of the building next door, who was hired for couple of months by Galron and who is no longer involved that Galron management owes him money for the work he did in the building. We have new tenants every month. For a small residential building tenant rotation is very high. None of the serious problems have been addressed.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My leaking faucet

My faucet has been leaking for over three years. Whenever I call landlord's office I am being told that the issue will be addressed. The plumber came twice last year and tightened the faucet promising to get the part and return in a couple of days. He never returned and I keep calling the office. It must have been a river of water that's been wasted here not to mention the energy since it is the hot water valve.

Monday, March 16, 2009

flood in our apartment

last month they installed a new sink in the kitchen. when they installed it, the hot water knob was way too loose, but they said they'd fix it another time. today the knob fell off and hot water came shooting out. when i spoke to the landlords office over the phone, the woman said they would be here to fix it IN AN HOUR.

here are some photos of the damage.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inadequate heat and water pressure update

My apartment has been very cold in the last few days but the worse is that I cannot take a shower. The water pressure is very low and it changes rapidly so even if I can get a small stream of warm water it oscillates between scolding and freezing. Calling 311 is effective only if you get a proper inspection as a result of your calls and the problem is well registered. The inspector who came to my place was unwilling to deal with problem. I must begin this process anew.

I am sure you've all had experienced the unbearable vomit stink in the hallway. Now it is a mix of vomit and chlorine. We need a proper cleaning of the hallways.

The superintendent on premisses is missing for many months now and there is a guy who comes to the building to deal with trash but he avoids any contact with tenants.