Friday, August 6, 2010


Instead of commenting on the existing posts everyone is welcome to create their own new posts.  This way we can see better what is happening in the building. If you want to contribute to this blog, write to us at


  1. Lets hire this guy, I will pay a major part of his fews. He is perfect for this. Will have us in shape in no time:

    Mayne Miller 212 966 1696

    He kicks sloumlords asses all day long and is incredibly affordable.

  2. My name is Ryan I use to live in apt 24. I abandoned my lease at 114 e 1 st two months early because of mold, collapsing ceiling, garbage area, etc. I have pictures and sent letters to Galron trying to resolve the problems. Nothing happened, I left early, and now they are suing me. Has anyone been through this? Any advice or assitance would really be appreciated.

  3. I lived in Vanderleigh Realties other properties on 73rd St.

    They have withheld over half of my security deposit claiming to be fixing appliances and that the space was not clean.

    Neither of these allegations are true. Please be warned before you move into these buildings. I am taking them to court as anyone with an issue for them should and reporting them to BBB

  4. Hi Ryan. Can you give us your email so we can contact you?

  5. What time are your building meetings, and, I assume they are in your building--so where in the building?

    I would love to attend and help with tenant networking between buildings, etc.

    Good to know, Ryan, I was considering abandoning my lease as well..

  6. We will post the next tenants meeting info here.

  7. whatever happened to ryan? considering doing that as well. EAst 73rd street