Monday, December 7, 2009

413 E 70th Street

Vanderleigh properties also owns 413 E 70th street, and goes by both Vanderleigh properties and Borg Realty.

When we moved in on the first of November, after they said all repairs and cleaning would be completed by the time we moved in, the apartment was filthy and many elements of the apartment needed repair. Now, almost the middle of December, 10 phone calls to the "help" line/landlord number, multiple calls to the city/311 and our local precinct, and nothing has been done. Our heat is not on in most of the apartment because the radiators are broken. The apartment was filled with pubic hair and dead insects (and live ones) and a window is still severely cracked, among other issues.

We need to stand up for our rights as tenants. This is the most ridiculous abuse I have ever seen, heard of or experienced and I will not stand for it. None of us deserve to be treated this way, let alone PAY for this treatment.

I have a background in journalism and pr and am offering up my services to start a public campaign against them. I am looking into it tonight. As far as defamation goes, in the legal sense, truth IS a defense. So, when posting publicly, rather than simply spewing insults (even though they deserve it), try to state the awful truth. For instance, rather than "Bob is a filthy lying #$@^&$" say "I saw Bob steal a car, that is clearly against the law."

let's fight back. i'm in, I'll attend your meetings if possible. I'm so sick of this bullshit.

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