Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have lived 15 years in this building.
I am very much in agreement that Galron Realty has led to the serious demise & health safety of this building. Everyday I weigh up the pros & cons of staying here, which ultimately has to be the goal of the Landlord. I too, have been greeted with foul language & disrespect when calling the offices. All basic requested maintenance jobs have been tardy, poor, sloppy and cosmetic.
I have damp creeping up my walls were the masonry is constantly disintegrating & turning into powder. Which I inhale. I cannot paint over this.

This Spring, I had to listen to the continuous loud scampering of rats up & down the ceiling. (they were breeding in the floorboards above) To add to this, they had climbed up the outside wall one floor & scratched their way into my apt via an external pipe entry. I was awakened each night for several weeks to their furious scratching. I informed the building management & this was classified as a non emergency & I would have to wait. When the exterminator finally called he tried to assure me that it was mice. Once he saw the 6" hole created he quickly changed his mind. I had rat feces all over my home. Disgusting. It truly felt that the rats had overtaken the building.

In addition:
The front door lock is infuriating.
Garbage area is dangerous (unstable), rat infested & foul smelling. Honestly, it often smells like a dead body is out there.
Hallways are constantly filthy.

I would like to aid the process of getting a 3rd party management involved.

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