Monday, December 8, 2008

Tenants Meeting

Sunday November 9th 6 PM
First meeting of the 114 E. 1st St. tenants to start a "Tenants Association" to improve living conditions in the building.

First off there was a good showing of tenants but we need more people to attend the next meeting so we can get everyones point of view.

There is no reason not to attend. The landlord can not legally do anything to us for meeting.

Please fill out the "Tenant Complaint Check Off" that was put under your door and bring them to the next meeting (if you need another one please say something in the "comments" section). This is for the Tenants Association only. No one but tenants will see this info with the possible exception of a lawyer for the tenants

We would like to have another meeting some time soon. This is a busy time of year so I know that it could be difficult for some to meet. If anyone has suggestions for a date and time please note it in the "comments" section. The more tenants who participate the more effective the association will be! Lets get the services for which we pay rent!

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