Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inadequate heat and water pressure update

My apartment has been very cold in the last few days but the worse is that I cannot take a shower. The water pressure is very low and it changes rapidly so even if I can get a small stream of warm water it oscillates between scolding and freezing. Calling 311 is effective only if you get a proper inspection as a result of your calls and the problem is well registered. The inspector who came to my place was unwilling to deal with problem. I must begin this process anew.

I am sure you've all had experienced the unbearable vomit stink in the hallway. Now it is a mix of vomit and chlorine. We need a proper cleaning of the hallways.

The superintendent on premisses is missing for many months now and there is a guy who comes to the building to deal with trash but he avoids any contact with tenants.

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