Sunday, August 3, 2008

208 East 7th Street has the same management but...

208 East 7th Street has the same Vanderleigh Properties management but under a yet different name; Chondro Realty LLC at 66 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe NY 10707. Their name for 413/415 E 70th Street is Borg Realty. At 507 East 73rd Street they call themselves Praxis Realty. Their tenants are experiencing a host of similar issues.  We will try to be in touch with them.

As for our building today the trash is blocking the back door basement entrance. Serious fire hazard again! Water bugs litter the hallway. The front door handle is broken again. The lock is jammed so everyone can enter the building. We got used to this!


  1. Hi- I'm glad I found your blog. I live at 208 e 7th street and YES we do have a similar situation going on here... Chondro Realty is different LLC but the techniques are the same- they withhold maintenance and services from rent stabilized tenants and respond with abusive and threatening language and tone. They have used every means to evict tenants- then done renovations without permits- yet have not provided basic cleaning and management. The trash has been a rat-infested mess here for months.

    I am going to set up a similar blog to help tenants here document the problems we are having. We should cross link and share information.

    I would suggest everyone who has problems to keep records and keep calling 311 to get your complaints on record with HPD.

  2. Let us know about your blog. Together we help each other with our issues!

  3. I found this while searching for Chondro Realty. I recently dealt with them after a year long lease at 208 E. 7th. They are a subpar company but you can get things out of them if you mention things like the Better Business Bureau or New York City law. They assume tenants know nothing and so they push people around, but they will fold if you push back. They're not the worst company in the world, just very difficult.

  4. these issues are still happenning at 208 east 7 street. living without a toilet has been the and most,mental and emotional anguish by threat,humiliation and other abusive conduct. persons with disability do not stand a chance.these agents refuse to comply with laws and regulations mandated by law in maintainning a safe apartment. truely the rights of the disabled persons,are being violated.neglet and willful failure to maintain proper living condition,have resulted in personal bodly injuries.intimidation also very strongly by these owners and agents.