Thursday, August 7, 2008

Banding together

This is from, "A TENANT’S GUIDE TO THE NEW YORK CITY HOUSING COURT", pages 19 and 20. Is this somethiong we should do? The chapter it is in, Chapter 6, "HOW TO HANDLE HOUSING REPAIR PROBLEMS" also seems helpful in general:

"7A Proceeding: If your building has serious problems, such as frequent lack of heat and hot water or lack of basic maintenance or services, and not just problems in one apartment, or if your landlord is harassing you, you should consider getting together with other tenants and bringing a 7A Proceeding. In a 7A Proceeding, the tenants in a building ask the court to remove the landlord as active manager of the building and appoint an administrator who is supervised by the Court and who will collect the rent monies and use them to make repairs and to put the building back in shape. The landlord keeps legal ownership, but no longer has the power to operate the building. If the 7A administrator succeeds in repairing the building, the court can give control of the building back to the landlord.

At least one-third of all the tenants in the building must agree to bring a 7A Proceeding. Often, a tenants' association can help in getting enough tenants together to bring a 7A Proceeding. You and the other tenants in your building may be able to get information from the Resource Center in Housing Court, the HPD Tenant Assistance Unit or other organizations listed in Section 7B, “Where Can I Go for Help” (p. 20)."

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  1. Let's set up a meeting and begin working in this direction.