Sunday, August 10, 2008

please proceed

For those who are new or relatively new to the building, ask anyone who has lived here 10 or more years and they will tell you that the building has never been dirtier or been more poorly maintained since Galron Realty began to manage it. For example:

#1: The halls are never adequately cleaned and haven't been painted properly in years. The result is chipping and mold that present health hazards to us all -- the poor and sometimes unhealthy air quality is exacerbated by the construction in three apartments on the 3rd and 6th floors.

#2: The garbage room is also a dreadful mess. Over the summer a rat infestation took hold.

#3: There is no super for the building. Has anyone seen any official announcement since Angel left the position? There was a new guy briefly, but I've been told he's now gone.

#4: The water pressure is hit or miss. In winter there is usually one or two days a week where there is no hot water.

#5 The tiling and grouting around the floor and fixtures in almost all apartments should have been replaced long ago because they breed mold and damage that only make it worse over time the longer it is untreated.

The attitude and behavior of the management company is outrageous, and may be illegal.
If you're like me you're busy with a zillion other aspects of life and dealing with a negligent landlord is not at the top of the list of things-to-do, but we have crossed a line in the past few months where this is no longer becoming just a nuisance, the conditions have become hazardous.

There is easily 1/3 of the building willing to attest to problems.
Whoever knows the legalities, please proceed.

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