Sunday, August 3, 2008

story of #7

The new tenants moved to apartment #7.  They were not aware why two consecutive previous occupants moved out.  How would they? The tenants before the last left the apartment because they were burglarized (their computers were stolen) and they were not feeling safe in the apartment. It is very easy to enter this apartment through the windows, both from the fire escape and from the roof of the wooden shack built as an extension to the apartment below #7.  There are no gates on the windows and their window locks are broken.  The last tenants of #7 just could not stand hearing the rats in the walls.  According to the new tenant their rent is $2,750! Welcome to 114 East 1st Street!

1 comment:

  1. THe high rents and poor conditions produce high turnover and, understandably for those coming in, a lack of interest in the building's affairs. We need to have some of the newcomers pushing back against the more egregious offenses, the filthy hallways, the lack of cleanup in renovation, the spotty boiler and heating issues, the rat infested back area.