Saturday, May 16, 2015

Where is Robert Spitalnick?

Broken windows, broken doors, cracked walls, pealing paint, hallways covered by layers of decomposing linoleum covered with coagulated filth, rats, stench of decay, overworked maintenance crew, and now the bed bug infestation that the management company is trying to hide from the tenants not yet affected.

In order to rent both store fronts the landlord moved the garbage area from the front of the building to the fire egress platform leading to the basement. This produces a garbage accumulation on the fire egress often blocking the way to the basement and inviting all sort of vermin. It also produces a major strain on the maintenance people who have to haul the trash to the front of the building for collection. Often the trash gets spilled in the process and the hallway reeks with decaying refuse. Not to mention the garbage from emptied apartments dangerously stored, in contempt of fire regulations, underneath the ground level staircase.

The management is trying to divide us claiming it's an isolated issue. It is not. So far, seven apartments, on three floors have reported being bitten. They try intimidating those who want to have this public by calling them troublemakers or rumor spreaders. Unless we come together there will be isolated attempts at extermination and cover up.

The Birchwood Properties LLC owner Robert Spitalnick is not available to address any of this.

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