Friday, May 29, 2015

Deepening crisis at 114 East 1st Street

Today random extermination of several apartments have been performed in the building without addressing the infestation building-wide. No entry point for the insects have been sealed in the apartments before. The exterminator refused to give us any information on what pesticide will be used and for which insect they are treating the selective apartments. I've been threatened with denial of services for asking questions. Separately, we've been told by independently consulted professionals that entry points need to be sealed before spraying pesticides and that randomly spraying individual apartments is going to push the bugs to other units and make the problem significantly worse.

Here is some information about rat mites:


  1. Everyone please try to come to the 114 building meeting Sunday at 1. We will meet downstairs and discuss the infestation problem. This random spraying by most likely bogus exterminators WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. The bugs will only return unless the building is treated as a whole.

  2. Yes. We need to discuss our options. See you all tomorrow.