Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More trash in hallways, the building is filthy and it reeks of decay

The rotten bed frame and the filthy mattress are still here as well. The rat colony is thriving. No sign of the management.


  1. The landlord has refused to notify the tenants in the building that there is a bed bug infestation as well as a rat mite infestation He will not accept this fact -he does not respond in an official manner or follow up even though the tenants have complained and are covered with bites (which have been shown to the building non premise super). The rat problem in the building is OVERWHEMING! It has become so bad that when you throw your trash out in the designated area, the rats - not afraid - tare waiting for the garbage to be put out and are not scared in the least. They do not move away and will jump out at you,The debris constantly lingering under the stairs is an ongoing problem - most recently a filthy bug infested mattress was not covered in plastic - as the law states - has been sitting there for at least 2 weeks - it is not only a fire hazard - but it is contributing to the overall problem. The super should be disposing of this trash and not making excuses. The building debris has been stored in apartment 2 which is unbelievable as agin this is a fire hazard and contributes to the over all problem. The tenants also do not want a garbage room built inside of the building as this will solve no problem. It will contribute to the already horrible stench, and will attract roaches, mice.etc. It is also the law to have the list of TENANTS RIGHTS posted in the hallway which we do not have.The building also has no porter, therefore there is no up keep of the premises.The hallways, the floors, etc. are FILTHY. The building is in desperate need of a professional contractor that will come in and fix the repairs as they should be. Such as cracks in the hallways/apartments. a paint job, replacing the broken/cracked marble steps - in the building and on the front outside landing. It has also come to our attention that there is lead paint in the building and this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediatly - as there are children living in the building. The other health hazard are the pigeons. They have been breeding and nesting in the shaft way for years as well as leaving their "poop" everywhere. The building needs to be tented so that the pigeon problem can be taken care of.
    The building has not never been pointed - they have plastered and painted entire sides of the building to hide this grave issue. The building next to and attached to our building is undergoing a very large scale renovation. A meeting with the landlord and tenants is imperative - which has not taken plus thus far. We need to be informed what procautions are being made to keep the building safe/standing and to keep us safe.
    I can go on forever.
    taken to keep the buildings foundation, etc, safe.As well as keeping the tenants safe.

  2. Yes, the building is leaning South. It's visible. We need structural engineers to asses the situation.