Saturday, May 16, 2015

Important information!

According to the :

"Notice of Bed Bug Infestation HistoryNew York City Administrative Code § 27-2018.1, which the Governor signed into law on August 31, 2010, mandates that new residential tenants in New York City be given a one-year bed bug infestation history. All State supervised rental and mutual housing companies in New York City are required to provide new residential tenants with a completed copy of this notice, which is also available on the agency's website. Learn more by visiting the Metropolitan Council on Housing page on Bed Bugs.
If a landlord fails to disclose bed bug history: Tenants can use the form
DBB-N Tenant’s Complaint of Owner’s Failure to Disclose Bed Bug Infestation History/Notice and Order:
Tenants have to call 1-866-275-3427 or call/visit one of the borough offices to request a copy of the form; the form will be mailed to the tenant’s address.
- See more at: "

What we have been told is that the infestation in #4 went on for a very long time and another apartment on the main floor had this problem since they moved in 8 months ago. Birchwood Properties LLC not only does not provide new tenents with bed bug history but is actively concealing it.

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