Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Decomposing rodents in the walls bring more insects inside the apartments

Several tenants have now observed a sudden explosion of black flies in their apartments. The apartments have many holes and cracks that allow the maggots and other insects feeding on the rotting rodent flesh between the walls to enter our living spaces. Let us know if you also have large number of black flies in your space.


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  2. According to Wikipedia: "It takes several weeks to be sure that a proper eradication of rat mites is complete because the mites are not only found mostly in the environment of the host instead of on the host itself but also have been found to survive up to 63 days without a blood meal".

  3. Hello - I used to live in apartment 4 and i had the same issues as everyone is having at the moment. Luckily we moved out but we have been having trouble reaching management about our secuirty has been almost 60 days counting and we were trying to contact them to see if thered be any delay and no response. Me and the roommates worry we will never see our deposit.