Monday, June 1, 2015

Rat mite infestation is on five floors!

Even though the rat infestation has gone on for years and the rat mite infestation has been the issue in the building for months now, the landlord, Robert Spitalnick still has not notified all tenants about the rat mite and bed bug problem and have not presented us with a comprehensive treatment for the entire building. Five floors are now affected, mostly on the North side of the building. Random exterminations of several apartments make the situation worse as the insects move into the walls and then to other units. No entry point sealing has been done! As a result several tenants have packed their belongings and left the building. This ongoing cover-up and unprofessional approach is harmful to all us still staying in the building!

and more discarded furniture on the ground floor
and this is trash from our building on the sidewalk in front of 108 East 1st Street today.

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  1. According to Wikipedia: "It takes several weeks to be sure that a proper eradication of these mites is complete because the mites are not only found mostly in the environment of the host instead of on the host itself but also have been found to survive up to 63 days without a blood meal."