Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An email from a tenant who left her ground floor apartment due to the infestation

We've received an email from former tenant who left her apartment on the ground floor. It gives us a better timeline of the infestation. Below is the full text the email:

"I moved into the apartment September 2014, then I noticed I got some random bites (maybe 4 above my chest and some on my stomach and back- I guess 8 total) literally right after Halloween. I went to the dermatologist  (#1) thinking it was a rash or so, it just wasn’t normal to just be bug bites. Thought it might’ve been my costume. My skin is already sensitive enough so I thought that it might’ve been an allergic reaction to one bite.

I cleaned my whole room and the apartment and didn’t see anything really until maybe early December, but just 2 bites. Then nothing for a bit then it started showing up mid February then nothing again until April. April was intense. I still have remnants of the bites. It takes forever to heal. I did everything, went to about 4 different dermos, got a biopsy. They were definitely bites.

I really hope everyone just leaves that place – Ive been bug bites free for 2 months now and I never realized how much stress it had been causing me. Everyone thought I was crazy but it drove me mad trying to figure out what was biting me at night."

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