Monday, June 1, 2015


I have been a tenant at 114 East First Street for well over 20 years. I feel that I can safely say with great certainty that the building/tenants are on a descent to HELL!!
The apartment building has been infested with rats for years - getting worse with all of the construction going on around us. The rats are so brazen that they are out and waiting to greet you at the garbage bins. The designated garbage area is severly neglected, filthy, and dangerous. It is not maintained and the garbage accumulates for days.
Debris, garbage, unwrapped mattresses are left under the stairwell for months. Not only is this a fire hazard - it is also a very large contributor to the RAT MITE and BED BUG infestation in the building. I wake up (as do other tenants) everday covered in bites and there is no end in sight. The landlord is unresponsive, threatening, and unwilling to deal with the situation in a professional or legal manner. 
.We do not have an on premise superintendent
.We have no porter - the hallways have not been swept or washed in years
.Repairs are not made in the open areas and outside of the building - broken steps, broken windows, front door lock, etc. 
. The contractor's that do the repair work in the building - are they licensed - are they insured?
.The exterminating company -  are they licensed - are they insured? The tenants have no idea what chemicals are being used.
.We have lead paint and there are children living in the building

To address your service issues, you may file a complaint with DHCR.  RA-81Application For A Rent Reduction Based Upon Decreased Service(s) - Individual Apartment found at the link below:

And/or RA-84Application For A Rent Reduction Based Upon Decreased Building-Wide Service(s):

To file the RA-84 jointly with other tenants, complete RA-84.1 and include it with your filing:

To address emergency and individual apartment service issues, you may file a complaint with DHCR online. The link below will direct you to this online complaint form:

Please review the “Application Instructions” before filing.

DHCR has the authority to issue an order that: 1) directs the owner to make repairs; 2) may reduce the rent by a guidelines adjustment and; 3) bars an owner from collecting additional rent increases until such owner files for, and is issued, a rent restoration order by DHCR.

If there are emergency repairs required, you may bring an action in Landlord/Tenant court to compel the owner to meet his obligations.  The action is called a Housing Part Action (a/k/a and "HP Action").  You can find out more by calling the NY City Civil Court Information Line at 212-791-6000.  Furthermore, you may also contact the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) by dialing "311" to lodge a complaint.

For more information, click the links below to review DHCR Fact Sheets #14 and #37, which discuss Rent Reductions for Decreased Services and “De-Minimis Conditions” respectively.

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